Recommended Earphones List

This is a list containing some of the best earphones that I have tried in its category. This list will be constantly updated whenever I find something else better to replace it with. All price categories are in USD and the earphones are not ranked. 

Last Updated : 24/8/2020

<$100 Earphones

1) Tin Audio T2 Plus (For vocals, but isolation is not the best) 

2) BLON BL-03 (For good bass dissection) 

3) Moondrop SSR (For neutral sound)

<$200 Earphones

1) BQEYZ Spring 1 (For detail retrieval and soundstage)

2) Kinera IDUN (For treble, and good sub-bass)

3) Ibasso IT01 (For vocals)

4) Moondrop Starfield (For balanced, musical sound)

5) Thieaudio Legacy 3 (For a non-tiring listen, layering, and overall balanced sound)

6) Audiosense DT200 (For detail retrieval and coherent sound)

7) Etymotics ER2XR (For flat, neutral sound)

<$500 Earphones 

1) Ikko OH10 (For detail retrieval, and overall good sound)

<$1000 Earphones

1) Thieaudio Voyager 14 (For detail retrieval, tonal accuracy and being able to tweak the sound with switches)

2) Acoustune HS1670SS (For good treble and bass while maintaining coherency)

3) Thieaudio Monarch (For insane detail retrieval and separation. Good quality sound with good extensions)