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Review: MEMT T6

Let's look at this shiny red earbuds from MEMT today!

Disclaimer: The earphones were sent to me by KeepHifi for reviewing. However, this does not affect my opinion on the product in any way whatsoever. I was told to give my honest feedback on the product.


I like that I am getting exposed to all these different brands of earphones in the market as it allows me to understand the tuning of different companies. KeepHifi approached me with the MEMT T6 earbuds and though I am not a big fan of earbuds, I still wanted to try it and see how it sounds like.


Sound: Bass heavy with mids and close to no treble

This graph depicts how the earphone sounds to me:

Driver: 1x Dynamic Driver (14.2mm)

Price: 24 USD

Where to buy it: KeepHifi via Aliexpress


  • Good build quality

  • Bass is decent

  • Comes with a nice pouch


  • Close to no treble

  • Overall sound is too warm

  • Isolation is not good because of earbud design

Suitable Genres: Pop


1 Set of silicone sleeves

1 Set of silicone sleeves with ear hooks

1 earphone pouch

1 product brochure

1x MEMT T6

This accessory pack is rather complete as it comes with everything that one will need. The pouch is of a decent build quality and it would keep the earphones really safe. The sleeves though useful, feels rather flimsy and I am not sure of how durable it would be. It does help with keeping the earbuds in and I hope that they could have included an extra set of each.


The T6 is fitted in a metal shell with a cloth material wrapped around the cables. The earphones do feel rather premium to the touch and have quite a bit of weight to it but it does not cause the earphones to sag down while using them. The buttons on the microphone are really tactile and I like how they feel.

I would guess that the metal used in this case is aluminium as it does not feel too heavy despite the metal shell. I would suggest that MEMT switches from cloth to a water-resistant material for their cable shielding as this prevents sweat from being absorbed by the cloth.

Overall the earphones have a premium feel to it and are quite well-built despite there being seams on the earphone shell.


The T6 are earbuds and not in-ear earphones, they tend to sit on the ears instead of fitting snugly inside the ear with eartips. It does not use eartips to hold itself; and if you are afraid of it falling out of your ears, you could use the included rubber sleeves to get a better grip of the earphones to your ears.

As it is an earbud, the isolation is definitely not great. Using it while typing, I could clearly hear my typing despite my keyboard being a silent keyboard. I do understand that some others would not mind such isolation as they can still hear the environment.


The MEMT T6 is definitely a very mid and bass focused earphone with treble being hidden away, almost sounding like there is no treble at all. The overall sound is also very warm, making vocals sound as if they are behind all the instruments in a song. However, bass is really pronounced and would be very suitable for bass-heads.


There is almost no treble on this earphone and trying to comment anything about the treble is rather difficult. While listening to tracks on the T6, cymbal crashes are very minute and sound rather non-existent. They are hidden too far back to even hear them properly. Cymbal crashes sound very lackluster, and even very sharp sounding instruments are almost muted.

In “Plastic Love” by Mariya Takeuchi, the high-hats are close to none and cymbals just quickly fade away and even if there were, it sounds as if they were mids and not sharp at all.

Personally, I do not fancy such treble and I feel that any earphones should have some semblance of highs even if listeners cannot stand the very sharp treble because that would just make the earphones sound very odd.


Mids are definitely on the warmer side of things, guitars sound a tad too thick and the vocals are very warm. There almost seems to be a veil on the vocals and it sounds like there’s a cloth covering their voice.

In some guitar tracks, I can see how the thicker and warmer guitar sound is more appreciated. For instance, in heavier sounding tracks such as in metal, the guitars are more accentuated and gives it a heavier feeling such as in Periphery’s “Reptile”.

Despite that, I still feel that having a cleaner sounding mid is better and more versatile overall.


The bass in this unit is the most prominent among the rest of the frequencies. It goes low enough to rumble a tad, but it fades away quickly. The bass tends to hover in the midbass region the most and pack quite a good kick to it.

In Vulfpeck’s “Darwin Derby”, the bass is fast and punchy, giving it a very nice kick with each beat of the kickdrum. The bass guitar in this track is also very prominent and goes decently low and keeps up to the pace of the song despite it being on the faster side.

In conclusion, the bass of the T6 is probably the only thing that I have no issues with despite it not being as deep as I would prefer. It tends to be on the punchier midbass side of it instead of the rumbly bass that I would prefer.


Overall, I find the MEMT T6 quite hard to recommend to others as a whole because of how niche the sound is. It only caters to people who like bass and nothing else; maybe some mids and even lesser highs. I would probably only recommend you to get this earphone if you are someone who really dislikes treble and just want a super warm sounding earphone.

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