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Review: Kotori Audio Epsilon Cable

Today I'm back with a review of the Epsilon cable by Kotori Audio. Let's dive deeper into it today!

Disclaimer: The cable was graciously loaned to me by Kotori Audio. I have to return them the cables after reviewing them, and was told to give my honest opinion on it.


Kotori Audio has been focusing on making high end cables as of late and their first product to enter that range is the εpsilon cable (I'm just going to call it Epsilon for ease). When Ray first showed me the cable, I was really ecstatic to try it out! I have a really good impression about their products because it's always reasonably priced for what it is.


Overall Sound Improvements:

- Thicker, warmer sound

- Gives density to vocals due to the thicker sound

- More holographic and surreal audio experience

Cable Material: OCC Copper Litz

Wire Gauge: 24 AWG

Conductor Count: 4/8 Wire

Wire Insulation: Kotori-lite

Y-splitter: Kotori Premium Y-Split

Cable Length: 1.2m

Price: From 299.90 USD for 4-Core


Common to all Kotori Audio products, the packaging contains the cable and an instruction manual on how to use the cable. I guess they did not provide any carrying case because most audiophiles would have their own cases by then.


Cable is supple and light, feels premium in the hands. The wire insulation used on the cable is their own, known as Kotori-lite, which allows the cable to be highly flexible with low internal stresses and microphonics.

Due to them using their own wire insulation known as “Kotori-lite”, it allows the Epsilon to be flexible with low microphonics and internal stresses. I was very pleased with the low amount of microphonics I got while using the cable and with the cable being very light, it is very ideal as an everyday carry.

Instead of the traditional cylindrical y-splitter, Kotori Audio has opted for a hexagonal Y-splitter. This makes it very easy to tell their cables apart from the rest and I think they should retain this.


Before I get into the details about the sound improvements with the cable, I tested the Epsilon with the following equipment:

Earphone - QDC Anole VX

DAP - Cayin N6ii (T01 module; 4.4mm Balanced Out)

Overall, the Epsilon is a cable that provides a warmer sound with an emphasis in the lows. It makes the music sound thicker, more musical, and gives each note more density; sacrificing some detail retrieval in exchange for a more enjoyable sound that you could easily listen to for hours. If you are looking for that "tube amp" warmth, then this is definitely the cable you should go for.

General Notes

I decided to include this section as I did not have much time to try out the individual frequencies in detail. Hence, I will give my review using the songs that I tested which hopefully helps you to visualize better how it sounds like.

The Epsilon opens up whatever song you're listening to, making it sound less "congested" if you will. I wouldn't quite say that it's a wider soundstage, cause that usually comes with a compromise of presence of each frequency. Rather, it allows the music to sound more holographic and surreal, making it really addictive to listen to!

Listening to Karma by Dareharu, each bass note is noticeably more impactful and thicker sounding. Vocals are also denser with cymbals having slightly lesser energy but retaining its crispness

In Polyphia's "OD", the bass just goes rumbling deep! Instruments sound very rather surreal with slow roll off, maybe that's what gives it the holographic feeling.


Treble takes a slight dip in presence here, sounding slightly mellower. However, the quality of the treble is unaffected as it still retains its crisp quality just that it is less "in your face".


Mids take an interesting turn here. As a result of more laidback treble, upper mids sounded laidback too. Lower mids (such as male vocals) on the other hand, were more forward sounding and had a stronger presence to it. This cable really makes vocals sound closer to real life, improves vocal quality through thickness of the voice.


Bass got an improvement here with a bump in the bass and midbass sections. The mid bass is punchier, giving more kick to the kickdrums and bass guitars. The bump in the bass is probably what constitutes to the thickness of the sound, it sounds really great for those slower paced or vocal tracks.

I really like that the cable provides such a warmth and thickness to it, rarely have I heard cables that can provide such a difference to the quality of the music.


In essence, the Kotori Audio Epsilon is a cable that aims to provide that warmth and depth in your music. It really reminds me of a tube amp kind of warmth, making it really enjoyable with slower-paced music and for vocal tracks. Sadly, I did not manage to spend much time with it due to my schedule and I hope to be able to give it a longer listen next time. I will update this again if I do manage to try it again! If you are of powerful vocal tracks such as with opera or even orchestra music, I would highly recommend this cable! Keep it up Kotori Audio!

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