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Review: EZEAR X12 TWS Earphones

Updated: Feb 17


When KeepHifi sent the EZEAR X12 over, I did not know what to expect because I am not much of a bluetooth audio user myself, firmly believing in the power of the wire instead. However as of late, I have read that many bluetooth earphones these days are pretty decent sounding and the connectivity of such True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones are more stable compared to wireless earphones in the past. Also, having tried out KBEAR’s bluetooth cable, I have a better impression of what the wireless technology can provide now. Let’s look at how the EZEAR X12 sounds further below!

Disclaimer: The earphones were sent to me by KeepHifi for reviewing. However, this does not affect my opinion on the product in any way whatsoever. I was told to give my honest feedback on the product.


Sound: Mid and Bass focused with deep rumbling bass

This graph depicts how the earphone sounds to me:

Driver: Dynamic Driver

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0

Battery Life: 4-5 Hours per charge

Charging Time: About 1 hour

Waterproof: IPX7

Case Battery: 2200 mAh

Where to get them: KeepHifi via Aliexpress


  • Rumbly bass that does not overpower the rest of the sound

  • Can be used for running

  • Case doubles as a mini powerbank

  • Guitars sound decent on it though a tad warm


  • Highs get grainy depending on track

  • Mids too laidback for my liking

Genres Suitable: Pop, EDM


3 Sets of same sized eartips (I believe it's all M size)

1 x Charging Case

1 x EZEAR X12

1 x MicroUSB Charging Cable

The X12 comes in a simple packaging with all the essentials. I would have preferred if the eartips came in different sizes as not all users may have the same ear canal size to get the right seal.


Starting off with the case of the earphone, being made of a translucent smoke color plastic for its cover and a thick matte plastic for its base, it feels sturdy in the hands despite the weight. I am quite peeved that they are using a micro-USB connector to charge its case, am hoping that they could shift to USB C in future iterations.

As for the earphones, it comes in a plastic shell and with a matte finishing, making it lightweight and nice to the touch. There are no physical buttons anywhere and the controls are on the touch sensitive area on each side of the earphones. More on this in the “Ease of Use” section. On the inner sides of each of the earphones, there are the contact points for charging.

Overall the earphones itself feel alright and lightweight but as a whole with the charging case, it gets a bit bulky and I doubt it will fit into your pocket if anyone is wondering.


The earphones are actually very comfortable to use despite the seams. The seams of the earphone are noticeable and you can feel it but on the ears it is unnoticeable. Making it lightweight is ideal especially when you can use it for running. I am also using the default sized eartips and the seal is decent enough while sitting very deep into the ears. Shaking my head continuously to try to get it out proved to be futile.

Isolation is decent, generally a good seal for both ears. It blocks out most of the noise even when my jaws are slightly open. I have no issues with the comfort and isolation of the X12s.


The X12 is really easy to use: Just take it out of the case, turn on the bluetooth on your device and search for the earphones! Just make sure that the earphones are in pairing mode; blue light flashing every 4 seconds for the left bud, red and blue light flashing for the right. You could also use it single sided by taking either side out and then pairing it to your phone or pairing both as per usual and then putting one side back into the case.

You can activate the following functionalities by pressing on the touch-sensitive button:

  1. One press - play/pause, pick up or end calls

  2. Double press - Previous song (left bud), Next song (right bud),

  3. Three press - Activate voice assistant

  4. Hold - Reject call

The functionalities seem to be more than sufficient for the average user. What I like most about it is that it does not do the usual “triple press” for the previous song as most of the time, I could never get it right.

Overall it’s a really complete earphone that does everything, even for users who want to use it single-sided.


Battery life seems to be around 4 hours on average usage, which is decent enough for myself as I only use it while on the way out. Even if you do need more juice in your earphones, the case can charge the earphones for up to 15 times so it can easily last you 2 days without charging the case.

I like how the case has an LED display to show the current battery life of the case and how the case also doubles as an emergency power bank for your phone if you do need it.


Earphones are tested using a mix of my laptop and my OnePlus 8t phone. I did not hear any difference between the two sources so I collated my views into one instead

Overall Sound

The X12 is on the mellower side of things, with the bass and mids taking the center stage. Bass goes low with enough depth for you to feel the bass rumbling. Mids are thick, with guitar notes having more weight to it but snare drums slightly lacking an impact to it. Vocals are decent enough for male vocals, sometimes edging a bit on the grainy side. Female vocals does not sparkle as much, but it can be a good thing if you are treble sensitive. The highs however, are slightly grainy on the songs that I listen to and do not shine as much as I would prefer.


Highs tend to be quite laid back in this unit and though you can hear it, it’s a bit too lacking for my tastes. Highs would sound grainy when it gets really sharp (such as cymbals crashing) which is what I slightly dislike about it.

In most songs, you usually do not get to hear the grain of the highs. In such cases, the highs are clear enough for you to listen out but do not outshine the rest of the frequencies. In “Togenkyo To Taxi” by Mega Shinnosuke, the high hats sound alright and have just the right amount of presence in that song. During the start of the chorus however, there is that slight graininess that I mentioned but it’s too subtle and quick that it does not matter much.

In SPYAIR’s “RAGE OF DUST”, during the intro when there are lots of cymbals, it tends to sound rather grainy then. I think the highs could be toned down so as to prevent the graininess from being too prominent.

Overall though the highs are generally alright for most songs, when it does get too sharp, that is when the grain of the highs kick in. If you are treble sensitive, these earphones do not get too sharp so do not worry about that!


Mids are rather laidback here but not as much as the highs; vocals tend to take a step back compared to the other instruments and drums not having that much of an impact. Guitars in general have a decent amount of presence with lead guitar being more prominent than the rhythm guitars but still sounding warmer than usual.

Listening to “You Estas” by KANA-BOON, the drums are too laid back for my liking, lacking the attack and sharpness that is required in this track. However, the guitar here sounds surprisingly alright and it’s really easy to listen and follow to.

Listening to vocals on Scary Pockets’ cover of “I Will Survive” really shows that the vocals are a tad too laidback. It feels as if the earphones lack juice to push out the vocals, thus making it sound slightly muted.

In conclusion, the mids are not the X12s strong suit and it could do better in this section by giving the mids more impact and presence.


Lows in the X12 is really satisfying as it goes deep without sounding too overpowering. Many bass heavy earphones dial the bass up too much that it drowns everything else however in this pair, mids and highs are still audible.

In “陪你过假日”, the bass goes really deep and you could feel each beat of the kick drum and whenever the bass note hits, it’s really satisfying! On top of that, the vocals in this track is highlighted as the song is quite instrument-light.

Testing the X12 on “So Strange (feat. Cuco)” for bass, it goes really deep as expected and will not disappoint listeners who are looking for deep rumbling bass. The bass really hits you at the 2:30 mark!

As I just finished watching the “Naruto” series anime, I have been listening to “Silhouette” by KANA-BOON quite a lot. Bass goes deep in that song and you can clearly hear the bass and the electric guitars. Despite the highs sounding a tad grainy, when it matters, the right instrument tends to shine when required which is what I find great about these pair of earphones.

Lastly in Joji’s “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” the bass throughout the song is rumbling and there is a ton of depth to the song due to it. Joji’s vocals are also prominent in this song and coupled with the bass, you could really feel the surreal/creepy vibe of the song that it tries to bring out.

As a pair of earphones that can be used for running, I think it is suitable as such because you would usually want more bass to keep you within the rhythm of the song which in turn, would aid you in running.

I thoroughly enjoyed the bass on these earphones, it goes deep and rumbles with good quality bass! The X12 always brings a layer of depth to the song thanks to its deep bass.


I faced an issue where the earphones suddenly disconnected and the right side of the earphones could not connect and was stuck in pairing mode while the left side was fine. This was resolved by putting it back in its case and holding the touch button for more than 5 seconds. This probably triggered a reset mode in the earphones and everything went back to normal afterwards. Felt that I had to indicate this issue down as the manual did not state anything about resetting the earphones.

Soundstage is quite wide, and the sound is generally quite spacious but I personally find the imaging to be a tad lackluster. It does not provide much of a holographic feel to me, with the sound experience being slightly out of your head.


Overall the EZEAR X12 strikes me as a TWS earphone that’s primarily targeted at users who are constantly on-the-go. Despite the bulk of the case, it can also double as a power bank which is really handy for people who are constantly out. With its IPX7 waterproof rating, bass-focused sound, it will definitely be suitable for runners and gym-goers.

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