Seems like you have stumbled upon the "About" page, welcome!  I am an earphone enthusiast and a guitarist, where I got into the earphone hobby thanks to my mum. She bought me my first pair of Denon earphones when I was 12 and when it eventually spoiled, I couldn't find something suitable and went down the rabbit hole to find it. That was when I explored many other earphones and here I am today. 

I noticed lately that with the rising demand in higher quality music and people using earphones, there has been a surge in the number of people looking for good sounding, value-for-money earphones. I get more friends asking me for earphone recommendations these days. I believe that not all earphones sound the same and that there is an earphone for everyone.


This site was started with the aim to help people get started into the audio hobby by writing reviews that can be understood by anyone and giving it to you as it is, while cutting out the confusing terms often used in earphone reviews as much as possible. It also serves as a log for myself for the interesting earphones that I have tried thus far and would like others to know. With what I learnt in the years of being in this hobby (since 2009), I have written several guides on the site to impart my knowledge and educate readers on what they need to know to get started. I still have lots to learn so as I learn something new, I will update this site accordingly.

Through writing reviews of these earphones, I hope I can reach out to the masses that there are actually a variety of options out there and hope to get people as excited and interested about audio as much as I am! Welcome to the rabbit hole of earphones :) 

- 16/7/2020

Some helpful guides available here include : 

1) Buying guide

2) Recommended Earphones List

3) Audio Terminologies

4) Earphone drivers

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